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Making direct downloading easy and controllable

                                     Downloading with torrents is good. But lots of problems occurs when downloading with torrents. You get problems with seeds like lack of them. Problems with the downloading speed. Another thing is that every download you want is not in there in torrents. People do not like direct downloads because most of them can’t pause and continue or schedule. When you look at direct download links, 90% of them are in file hosting web sites. The most bothering thing of this sites is waiting a given time to appearing of the download links. Download managers like IDM and DAP and every other managers can’t handle these downloads.

                                      Finally the solution is here on the Internet. Now you can make your direct download works exactly same to a torrent. You can pause your direct download at any time and continue it at any time you want. And you can schedule any amount of direct downloads from any file hosting website or from another site. All you need is the Mipony or the Jdownloader. These download managers are the best downloaders on the internet as my knowledge. Both of this softwares are free to download. After you installed one of these softwares, you will not have to bother with direct downloads any more.

    Both of these programs are can be updated and doing the same work. Options are also the same. Only the GUI looks a little bit different.

    You can connect your premium accounts of file sharing sites to the application if you have them.

    Mipony is only available to Microsoft Windows operating systems. Free to download

    Download Mipony

    But Jdownloader is available for every OS like Windows, Linux and Mac. Jdownloader is an open source project.

    Download Jdownloader


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