How to run Internet Download Manager (IDM) on Linux (Ubuntu)

Internet download manager is the fastest download manager that currently in use. Not only the speed, it has so many surprising features that makes downloading easy. IDM has a very special feature that can continue any file that is not continuable by reediting the download link manually. Anyhow it never stops downloading until it finished.

The problem that Linux people got is there is not IDM for Linux & also no any Alternative for Linux that do the exact same job. But I found a solution for that. I have noticed that a little old IDM version is working for Linux through Wine (Any version of Wine for Linux). So all we just have to do is,

  • Download and install wine on Linux
  • Download and install Internet Download Manager 5.05

This is all we got to do and we are good to go. Now I will tell you how to complete these easy little steps. Follow the steps below to start.

  • Get your Linux terminal (ALT + CTRL + T) and type sudo apt-get install wine (Now the wine will be downloaded and installed to your Linux computer).
  • Now download Internet Download Manager 5.05 from here.
  • Install the Internet Download Manager 5.05 and you are finished. Booyah!!! it’s working now.

Note – You have to know that only this version of IDM is working for Linux through Wine and other versions are failed to Connect to the Internet.

Bugs – Actually there is only just a single bug in working this. You can’t integrate IDM to your Linux web browsers. But there is a solution for that also. Same as you installed the IDM on wine, Install the Mozilla Firefox Windows version (.exe) in wine. Then you can work with that browser while having IDM Integrated.

Enjoy IDM on Linux…………….

Last modified on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 08:32


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