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How to Simply SEO your web pages

                           Search engine optimization is the main course you have to do to make popular your web pages. Through this optimization, the web page will be ranked and well optimized for search engines. Specially for the Google search.

    Before you optimize your content there are some rules that given by Google. Because I’m guiding you for a legal proccess.

    • Your content must be unique (Not copied from anywhere)

    (If you put copied content from other web sites, your content will caught for the “Publishing scraped content” and your web page URL will be get Banned by google adsense and other services.)

    You can buy SEO packages from some web sites. But this is simple and free. Keep those unique content in your original page and let’s start your SEO course.

    • First find a good articles spinner (Google it and find a best one)

    • Find some of very useful articles from websites and spin them well

    • Get registered in a high ranked article directory

    • Important thing and the last step is publish your spined articles in the article directory with mentioning your web page URL in the articles that you created. (Remember to add good keywords)

    Finally it’s finished. Do this process as much as you can. For a every good article, your web page rank will be upgraded.

    Keep this in mind. Do not put that spined articles in your original web page because article spinning is illegal according to Google.

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