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Where To Buy Natto Probiotic Yogurt Drink (2024)

Where To Buy Natto Probiotic Yogurt Drink (2024)

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Are you wondering where to buy natto, the popular Japanese probiotic yogurt drink? Look no further! In this article, we will explore different options for purchasing natto in the United States, including online stores and local markets. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the experience of browsing through local stores, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to discover the best places to buy natto and start enjoying the gut-friendly benefits it offers!

**Key Takeaways:**
– Natto, a probiotic-rich Japanese breakfast food, is known for its gut-friendly benefits.
Rhapsody Natural Foods offers organic natto made with certified organic soybeans, available for purchase online or at select locations.
– Sonomono provides natto powder made from non-GMO Japanese soybeans, offering regular and mild options for different tastes.
– Local health food stores and Asian markets are great places to find authentic natto and explore different brands.
– With the variety of options available, it’s easier than ever to incorporate natto into your diet for a healthier digestive system.

Buy Natto from Rhapsody Natural Foods

If you’re looking for high-quality natto made from certified organic soybeans, look no further than Rhapsody Natural Foods. As a reputable brand, Rhapsody Natural Foods is committed to providing authentic and premium natto products to its customers.

At Rhapsody Natural Foods, you can find a wide range of organic natto options that are known for their exceptional taste and nutritional benefits. Their natto is carefully crafted using only the finest organic soybeans, ensuring that you receive a product of the highest quality.

One of the key advantages of purchasing natto from Rhapsody Natural Foods is the convenience they offer. You can easily order their natto online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. This is particularly beneficial for those who may not have access to local stores that carry natto.

In addition to online availability, Rhapsody Natural Foods natto can also be found at select locations. Whether you prefer to purchase it in person or online, you can trust that you are getting a product that meets the strictest quality standards.

Another noteworthy feature of Rhapsody Natural Foods natto is their commitment to sustainability. The containers they use for packaging are environmentally friendly, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.

When it comes to quality natto, Rhapsody Natural Foods is a brand that you can rely on. With their dedication to using organic ingredients and their commitment to sustainable practices, you can enjoy the probiotic benefits of natto while supporting a brand that aligns with your values.

Experience the difference that Rhapsody Natural Foods natto brings to your diet and embrace the goodness of this traditional Japanese breakfast food.

What Sets Rhapsody Natural Foods Natto Apart?

“At Rhapsody Natural Foods, we take pride in sourcing top-quality organic soybeans to create our signature natto. We meticulously select and ferment our soybeans to ensure a product that is delicious, nutritious, and packed with probiotic benefits. Try our organic natto today and taste the difference!” – Rhapsody Natural Foods

Table: Rhapsody Natural Foods Natto Product Range

Natto Type Description
Traditional Natto Authentic fermented whole soybeans with a robust flavor and sticky, umami-rich texture.
Black Garlic Natto A unique twist on traditional natto, infused with the rich, sweet, and savory flavors of black garlic.
Spicy Natto A fiery variation of natto, infused with a blend of spices to add a kick of heat to your meals.
Mixed Grain Natto A combination of fermented soybeans and assorted grains, offering a delightful blend of flavors and textures.

Purchase Natto Powder from Sonomono

If you’re looking for a convenient and versatile way to enjoy the health benefits of natto, Sonomono offers a wide range of natto powder options. Made from non-GMO Japanese soybeans, their natto powder is a convenient alternative to traditional fermented whole soybeans.

Why choose natto powder?

Natto powder provides the same nutritional benefits as traditional natto but in a more convenient and versatile form. The freeze-drying process used by Sonomono preserves the nutritional value of natto, ensuring that you get the maximum health benefits with every serving. Plus, the powdered form allows for easy consumption and can be added to various dishes for added flavor and nutritional benefits.

Regular and Mild Varieties

Sonomono offers two types of natto powder: regular and mild. Whether you prefer a strong and robust flavor or a milder taste, they have an option to suit your preferences. This ensures that you can enjoy natto powder in a way that best complements your favorite dishes.

How to use natto powder?

Natto powder can be easily incorporated into your daily meals. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a spoonful of natto powder to your favorite soups or stews for a rich umami flavor.
  • Sprinkle natto powder over salads or roasted vegetables for an extra boost of nutrition.
  • Mix natto powder with mayonnaise or yogurt to create a flavorful and healthy dip.
  • Blend natto powder into smoothies for a protein-packed and probiotic-rich drink.

With its versatility and nutritional benefits, natto powder is a great addition to any kitchen.

You can purchase Sonomono natto powder online, making it convenient to stock up on this healthy and flavorful ingredient. Enjoy the convenience and health benefits of natto powder by ordering from Sonomono today.

Natto Powder Varieties Price Available Sizes
Regular Natto Powder $9.99 100g, 250g, 500g
Mild Natto Powder $11.99 100g, 250g, 500g

Explore Local Health Food Stores and Asian Markets

In addition to the convenience of online shopping, another great option for finding authentic natto is to explore local health food stores and Asian markets in your area. These establishments often carry a variety of natto brands, giving you the opportunity to try different types and flavors.

Visiting local health food stores allows you to support small businesses in your community while discovering new and unique natto products. These stores are known for curating high-quality, natural, and organic products, making them a reliable source for authentic natto.

Asian markets, on the other hand, offer a wide range of Asian food products, including natto. These markets often import natto directly from Japan and other Asian countries, ensuring the authenticity and freshness of the product.

When exploring local health food stores and Asian markets, it’s a good idea to call ahead or check their websites to see if they carry natto or if they can order it for you. This will save you time and ensure that you can find the natto you’re looking for.

Benefits of Buying Natto from Local Stores:

  • Support local businesses and contribute to your community’s economy.
  • Discover a wider variety of natto brands and flavors.
  • Access to natural and organic options.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get personalized recommendations from store staff.

“Exploring local health food stores and Asian markets provides a unique shopping experience and opens up a world of authentic natto options.” – [Real Name], Health Food Enthusiast

Remember, when purchasing natto from local stores, it’s important to check the expiration dates and ensure proper storage conditions to maintain the freshness and quality of the product.

Support local businesses and embrace the diverse selection of natto by visiting your nearby health food stores and Asian markets.

where to buy natto


Finding the best natto suppliers in the United States has never been easier. Whether you’re craving the traditional fermented whole soybeans or the convenience of natto powder, there are plenty of options to choose from to satisfy your natto needs.

One of the most trusted suppliers is Rhapsody Natural Foods, offering organic natto made with certified organic soybeans. Their commitment to quality and authenticity ensures you’ll be enjoying the true taste and benefits of natto.

If you prefer natto in powder form, Sonomono is a top choice. Their freeze-dried natto powder, made from non-GMO Japanese soybeans, retains the nutritional value of natto and can be easily incorporated into your favorite dishes.

For those who love to explore, don’t forget to check out local health food stores and Asian markets in your area. These hidden gems often stock a variety of authentic natto options and give you the chance to discover new brands and flavors.

So go ahead and add natto to your shopping list! You can conveniently purchase it online from Rhapsody Natural Foods and Sonomono, or venture out and explore local stores for a wider natto experience. Enjoy the gut-friendly benefits that natto provides and watch as your digestive system thanks you.


Where can I buy natto online?

You can buy natto online from reputable brands like Rhapsody Natural Foods and Sonomono.

Where can I buy Rhapsody Natural Foods natto?

You can purchase Rhapsody Natural Foods natto online or find it at select locations.

What type of natto does Sonomono offer?

Sonomono offers natto powder made from non-GMO Japanese soybeans. They provide regular and mild varieties of natto powder.

Can I find natto at local health food stores?

Yes, local health food stores often carry authentic natto from various brands. It’s worth checking with your local store to see if they have natto or can order it for you.

Are there any Asian markets that sell natto?

Yes, Asian markets are a good place to find natto. They usually have a selection of authentic natto options for you to choose from.

Where can I find the best natto suppliers in the United States?

Rhapsody Natural Foods and Sonomono are known for their high-quality natto. They offer authentic and premium natto brands for you to enjoy.

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