Update Nokia N8 and E7 mobile phones to Newer Firmwares

                 Nokia has released a couple of great phones called N8 and E7. These phones originally comes with a unsuccessful firmware called Symbian^3. This firmware is refused by these phone users because of the non-user friendlessness of the firmware. Another fact is that Google Android also got famous on these same days. Android mobile OS captured the mobile market and because of that Symbian OS was gone down.

Lately Nokia was introduced new Firmwares called Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle. This releases has commented by users as they are very user-friendly. The Anna OS originally stored in phones like E6. People started to like this firmwares. So Nokia thought to develop the firmware and cover up their bugs.


Symbian anna

When we talk about the Symbian Belle OS it is still a Baby firmware that still growing up. We have to say that because the OS is too new and there is a Huge difference with other Symbian firmwares. It more looks like Google Android. Features are as the same. But the OS is hunger of applications and updates.


Symbian Belle

Finally Nokia have released the Both Anna and Belle official firmwares for Nokia Symbian^3 devices like N8 and E7. You can connect your N8 or E7 to Nokia servers and update your phones at any time

You must know that you will not lose any of your settings, Contacts, Messages, Calender entries and some other saved things with these Updates. These updates will make your phone so smart and will give Long last battery life, Speed, beautiful appearance and some bunches of extra facilities.

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