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Origination of Basketball game

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                                Originally the game of Pok-ta-Pok was played in the 10th century BC, by the Olmecs in Mexico and closely resembled the basketball in its concept. ‘Ollamalitzli’ was a variation of this game played by the Aztecs in Mexico as late as the 16th century. If the solid rubber ball was put through a fixed stone ring the player was entitled to the clothing of all the viewers.



                                Modern basketball which may have been based on the German game Korbball was played for the first time in mid-December 1891. This game was invented by the Canadian born Dr James A. Naismith. He was the physical education instructor at thr Training school of the international YMCA college at Springfield in Massachusetts, USA. He was asked to invent a new game to enthuse the students as the were bored with their daily physical education classes.



                                Naismith used ideas from games such as the Red Indian Lacrosse, hockey, football, soccer and blended them with his own ideas and invented basketball. This new game unlike lacrosse, did not require a stick. It did not even involved throwing the ball into the basket hence it was named Basketball.

Soon new game aroused the interest of bored students at the YMCA. News of the game spread rapidly to other parts of America. During the next ten years it was introduced to Canada, France, Britain, China, India and Japan.

The first two Peach-baskets. The iron hoop and net were introduced two years later. Initially people had to climb.

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