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Pros and Cons of Selling Arbonne (2024)

    Did you know that selling skincare products with Arbonne International can unlock an incredible income potential? With its commitment to eco-friendly and cruelty-free practices, Arbonne has garnered attention and loyalty from customers worldwide since its founding in 1980.

    But here’s the surprising statistic: Arbonne consultants have the opportunity to earn up to a remarkable 35% profit on personal retail sales, along with an additional 15% commission on purchases made by Preferred Clients. These commission rates are higher than average in the industry, making selling Arbonne a promising endeavor for ambitious entrepreneurs.

    While the potential for earning substantial income is exciting, it’s important to consider the challenges that come along with selling Arbonne. Limited online marketing options, the need to recruit and build a team, and the high cost of products are just a few aspects to keep in mind. However, with the right sales strategies and a dedicated approach, you can navigate these challenges and unlock growth opportunities.

    So, are you ready to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with Arbonne? Let’s explore the pros and cons of selling Arbonne to help you make an informed decision and set yourself up for success.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Arbonne offers a lucrative income potential with commission rates higher than industry average
    • Successful selling Arbonne requires strategic sales strategies and the ability to overcome challenges
    • Limited online marketing options and the need to recruit and build a team are important factors to consider
    • Arbonne’s commitment to eco-friendly and cruelty-free practices can attract loyal customers
    • With the right approach, selling Arbonne can provide growth opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs

    Four Ways to Earn Income with Arbonne

    When you sell Arbonne, there are four main ways to earn income. First, you can earn direct commissions from personal product sales. Second, you can earn overrides from the sales made by your team. Third, if you reach the rank of Vice President, you qualify for bonuses, including the Mercedes-Benz cash bonus program. Finally, you can earn bonuses at every level of management based on your team’s performance. These various income streams provide opportunities for consultants to increase their earnings over time.

    Let’s take a closer look at how each income stream works:

    1. Direct Commissions

    Direct commissions are earned from the sales you make personally. When you sell Arbonne products, you receive a percentage of the total sale as commission. This income stream is immediate and directly tied to your own efforts.

    2. Overrides

    Overrides are earned from the sales made by your team. As you build and lead a team of consultants, you receive a percentage of their sales as overrides. This income stream allows you to leverage the efforts of your team and earn additional income based on their success.

    3. Bonuses

    When you reach the prestigious rank of Vice President, you become eligible for bonuses. Arbonne offers various bonuses, including the coveted Mercedes-Benz cash bonus program. These bonuses reward your leadership skills and provide additional income opportunities beyond direct commissions and overrides.

    4. Management Bonuses

    As you advance in your Arbonne business and achieve higher ranks in the management structure, you become eligible for management bonuses. These bonuses are based on the performance of your entire team and provide added financial rewards for your leadership and success in growing a thriving organization.

    Automating Income with Pure Pay

    Arbonne offers a convenient way to automate your income through Pure Pay. Consultants in the United States and Canada can receive weekly payments for client or preferred client commissions, while overrides and bonuses are paid monthly.

    Pure Pay provides a Visa card branded with the Arbonne name, which can be used for shopping or the funds can be transferred to a bank account or PayPal. Consultants also have the option to receive payments via a paper check or prepaid debit card. Pure Pay offers flexibility and convenience for managing and accessing income.

    Payment Method Description
    Visa Card A branded Visa card linked to Pure Pay, allowing for easy and convenient shopping or transfer of funds.
    Bank Account or PayPal Transfer funds directly to a personal bank account or PayPal account for quick access and management.
    Paper Check Receive payments via a traditional paper check for those who prefer a physical form of payment.
    Prepaid Debit Card Opt for a prepaid debit card to easily access and spend your earned income.

    By offering multiple payment options, Arbonne ensures that consultants can choose the method that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the flexibility of a Visa card, the convenience of bank transfers or PayPal, the simplicity of a paper check, or the ease of a prepaid debit card, Pure Pay has a solution for you.

    With Pure Pay, say goodbye to the hassle of manual invoicing and waiting for payments. Enjoy the convenience of automated income, allowing you to focus on growing your Arbonne business and achieving your financial goals.

    Lucrative Commission-Based Compensation

    One of the main advantages of selling Arbonne is the lucrative commission-based compensation it offers. As a consultant, you have the opportunity to earn a generous profit on your personal retail sales, as well as additional commissions on purchases made by Preferred Clients.

    Let’s take a closer look at the commission rates:

    Commission Rate Description
    35% Profit on personal retail sales
    15% Commission on purchases made by Preferred Clients

    These commission rates are higher than the industry average, giving you the potential to earn significant income from your sales efforts. The more you sell, the more profit you can make.

    Selling Arbonne provides consultants with a lucrative commission-based compensation structure that rewards their hard work and sales achievements. With generous commission rates and the ability to earn profit on retail sales and commissions on Preferred Client purchases, consultants have the potential to build a profitable business.

    But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the commission-based compensation, another exciting opportunity for consultants to maximize their earnings is through team sales. When you build a team and achieve sales targets, you can earn wages based on your team’s performance.

    Overall, the commission-based compensation structure of Arbonne offers consultants the potential to earn a substantial income, making it an attractive choice for those seeking financial success in the health and beauty industry.

    Two-Month Building Period for Each Promotion

    When consultants achieve a promotion to a higher level within Arbonne, they are given a two-month building period. During this time, consultants are not subject to maintenance deductions and have the opportunity to build their role in the new position without any penalties. This allows consultants to focus on growing their business and achieving the goals necessary for advancement. The two-month building period provides a valuable opportunity for consultants to establish themselves in their new position and earn income without restrictions.

    As consultants progress in their Arbonne journey, promotions offer exciting opportunities for growth and increased earnings. Each promotion is accompanied by a two-month building period, which grants consultants freedom from maintenance deductions and supports them in building their new roles. This period is instrumental in creating a solid foundation for success, allowing consultants to concentrate on expanding their business and achieving the necessary goals for advancement.

    During this building period, consultants can focus on developing their team, expanding their customer base, and increasing their sales volume, all without the pressure of deducting maintenance requirements from their earnings. This uninterrupted time is an invaluable opportunity to establish themselves in their new position and lay the groundwork for sustained growth and financial rewards.

    The two-month building period is a key component of the Arbonne promotion process. It provides consultants with a window of opportunity to invest their time and efforts into building their business without any restrictions or penalties. This crucial period allows consultants to capitalize on their momentum and push towards their next level of achievement.

    Qualifying for promotion requires meeting specific volume and team-building targets within a designated timeframe. Consultants must demonstrate their ability to generate a qualifying volume of sales and recruit and lead a successful team. The two-month building period offers a supportive environment where consultants can focus on these objectives without the added pressure of maintenance deductions, allowing them to unleash their full potential and set themselves up for long-term success.

    Overall, the two-month building period serves as a valuable launchpad for consultants in their journey through Arbonne. By providing the freedom to build their business without deductions, this period empowers consultants to strive for promotions, unlock higher earning potentials, and establish themselves as influential leaders within the organization.

    The Benefits of the Two-Month Building Period:

    • Freedom from maintenance deductions
    • Focus on business growth and goal achievement
    • Opportunity to build a solid foundation in the new position
    • Increased potential for financial rewards

    Selling Arbonne offers consultants the chance to take advantage of the two-month building period accompanying promotions. During this period, consultants have the freedom to grow their business and achieve their goals without the burden of maintenance deductions. It is an exciting time to establish a strong presence in the new position and work towards further success within the Arbonne community.

    Promotion Level Qualifying Volume Team Size Earnings Potential
    District Manager $2,500 4 Preferred Clients and 4 Consultants 10% Commission on Personal Sales and Overrides
    Area Manager $5,000 8 Preferred Clients and 8 Consultants 15% Commission on Personal Sales and Overrides
    Regional Vice President $10,000 12 Preferred Clients and 12 Consultants 20% Commission on Personal Sales, Overrides, and Bonuses

    Capitalizing on the two-month building period is essential for consultants aiming to excel within the Arbonne business model. This dedicated time allows consultants to build their business, expand their team, and achieve the qualifying volume necessary for promotion. By leveraging this opportunity, consultants can earn income without restrictions and accelerate their journey towards financial success.

    Flexible Hours and Work-Life Balance

    Selling Arbonne offers the flexibility to work your own hours and achieve a better work-life balance. Consultants have the freedom to set their own schedule and work as much or as little as they choose. This flexibility allows consultants to prioritize their personal commitments while still building a successful business. Consultants can be present for important family events, have the ability to take time off without seeking approval, and create a business that aligns with their preferred lifestyle. The income potential offered by Arbonne can provide support during times when additional income is needed.

    As Arbonne consultants, we have the luxury of working on our terms. We can choose to dedicate more time when we want to accelerate our business growth, and scale back when we need to focus on our personal lives. Whether it’s attending a child’s soccer game, taking a family vacation, or simply enjoying some leisure time, we have the flexibility to make it happen. Say goodbye to the rigid 9-to-5 and hello to a lifestyle where you call the shots.

    “Imagine being able to work from anywhere, at any time, and be in control of your own schedule. Arbonne offers that level of flexibility and work-life balance that many traditional jobs simply can’t provide.”

    Setting Your Own Schedule

    Unlike a typical job, where you have fixed working hours, selling Arbonne allows you to work when it suits you best. You have the freedom to structure your day in a way that maximizes productivity and aligns with your personal preferences. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can establish a schedule that accommodates your most productive hours. Plus, you have the flexibility to adapt your work hours to accommodate other commitments or unexpected events that may arise.

    Being Present for What Matters

    One of the biggest advantages of selling Arbonne is having the ability to be present for the important moments in life. With the flexibility to work your own hours, you won’t have to miss out on family milestones, important celebrations, or quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s attending your child’s school events, being there for special family occasions, or simply having the freedom to spend more time with the people who matter most to you, selling Arbonne allows you to strike a balance between work and personal life.

    The Income Potential to Support Your Lifestyle

    Selling Arbonne not only offers flexibility but also provides the income potential to support your desired lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to cover monthly expenses, save for a big purchase, or achieve financial freedom, the income you can earn as an Arbonne consultant allows you to pursue your goals. By leveraging the generous compensation plan and implementing effective sales strategies, you can create a thriving business that provides the financial stability and freedom you desire.

    With Arbonne, you have the opportunity to work your own hours, strike a balance between work and life, and build a business that fits your lifestyle. Say goodbye to the restrictions of traditional jobs and embrace the flexibility and freedom that comes with being an Arbonne consultant.

    No Inventory Requirements

    At Arbonne, we prioritize simplicity and ease for our consultants. Unlike many other direct sales opportunities, we do not require our consultants to carry inventory. We believe in a streamlined approach that allows you to focus on building relationships with customers and growing your business.

    As a consultant, you act as a direct sales representative, taking orders from customers and having the products shipped directly to them. This eliminates the need for you to manage inventory and helps you maintain a lean and efficient business model. It also frees up your time to invest in what truly matters – connecting with your customers and delivering exceptional service.

    Our no inventory policy ensures that you can operate your business with flexibility and convenience. You can operate from anywhere, without the burden of managing and storing physical products. Whether you choose to work from home or on the go, our direct sales model allows you to adapt your business to your lifestyle.

    Additionally, Arbonne offers global reach, expanding your market beyond just the United States and Canada. We have approved markets around the world, giving you the opportunity to tap into a diverse customer base and expand your business internationally. This global reach opens up new possibilities for growth and income potential.

    While we do not require inventory, it’s important to note that some consultants choose to purchase products at a discount to maximize their income potential. This option allows you to have products on hand for demonstrations or personal use. However, the choice is entirely up to you, and you can build a successful business with or without purchasing inventory.

    It’s important to be aware of the competition from ex-consultants selling products at discounted rates on platforms like eBay or Amazon. This may pose a challenge in terms of maintaining your pricing and staying competitive in the market. However, our consultants who focus on building relationships, providing personalized service, and leveraging our unique product offerings have found success in navigating these challenges.

    Overall, our no inventory policy sets Arbonne apart, giving you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business without the burden of managing inventory. Combined with our global reach, this approach allows you to focus on what you do best – connecting with customers, providing exceptional service, and building a thriving business.

    no inventory

    Low Initial Investment

    One of the advantages of selling Arbonne is the low initial investment required. Unlike other skincare companies that often require consultants to carry inventory, Arbonne offers an affordable start-up opportunity with a minimal investment. To become an independent consultant, the Arbonne registration fee is only $49 CAD for the first year, with a $35 CAD renewal fee for subsequent years. This low investment provides aspiring entrepreneurs with access to a reputable brand and a range of resources to support their business growth.

    When you join Arbonne, this registration fee includes several valuable benefits:

    1. A CRM system: Arbonne provides its consultants with a customer relationship management platform to effectively manage their business and track their sales and commissions.
    2. Sales and marketing training: Arbonne offers comprehensive training resources to equip consultants with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the direct sales industry.
    3. A knowledgebase: Consultants have access to a vast knowledgebase that includes product information, FAQs, and valuable resources to help them provide exceptional customer service.
    4. A comprehensive guarantee for customers: Arbonne stands behind the quality of its products and offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

    By investing in Arbonne, you gain more than just the opportunity to sell high-quality skincare products. You become part of a supportive community dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve financial success and create a balanced lifestyle.

    Guaranteed Products

    At Arbonne, we take pride in our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a 45-day money-back guarantee on all our products. We want our customers to feel confident in their purchase, even if they have opened and used the product.

    Our 45-day money-back guarantee provides peace of mind by ensuring that if customers are not fully satisfied with their purchase, they can receive a refund within the specified timeframe. This guarantee demonstrates our dedication to delivering high-quality products that meet the expectations of our valued customers.

    Our consultants can confidently promote our products, knowing that they are backed by a guarantee. This assurance can help overcome any objections or concerns from potential customers, making it easier to build trust and develop long-lasting relationships.

    By standing behind the quality of our products with a 45-day money-back guarantee, we prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold our commitment to excellence.

    Limited Online Marketing Options

    One disadvantage of selling Arbonne is the restriction on creating your own online presence. Consultants are not permitted to develop their own websites or promote products on any site other than the one provided by Arbonne.

    Consultants have the option to purchase a MyArbonne website for $120 per year. Additionally, there is a $39 fee to submit the site to directories and search engines for basic online marketing.

    “These restrictions can make it challenging to leverage online marketing strategies.”

    However, it is important to note that these MyArbonne websites are essentially duplicates of each other. This limitation severely restricts the optimization benefits of having a unique and personalized website.

    “Limited online marketing options can hinder consultants in reaching their full potential.”

    Despite these restrictions, consultants are encouraged to make the most of the provided website and employ efficient marketing strategies to drive traffic and attract customers.

    Pros Cons
    Access to a pre-built website Restricted online presence
    Opportunity for basic online marketing MyArbonne websites are essentially duplicates

    restricted online presence

    As consultants strive to build their Arbonne business, it is essential to navigate these limitations and make the most of the provided resources. Developing creative online marketing strategies within the confines of the MyArbonne website can help consultants effectively reach and engage with their target audience.

    Costs to Get Started

    When considering the opportunity to join Arbonne as a consultant, it’s important to understand the costs involved in getting started. While Arbonne does not require consultants to carry inventory, there are a few expenses to consider.

    The Registration Fee

    First, there is a registration fee of $49. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with onboarding new consultants and provides access to various resources and support. It includes:

    • A personalized Arbonne ID
    • A replicated website to facilitate sales and grow your business
    • Ongoing training and support

    The Welcome Kit

    Second, consultants receive a welcome kit that costs $49. This kit contains a curated selection of Arbonne products, including samples of our best-selling items across skincare, nutrition, and wellness categories. It also includes training materials to kickstart your journey as an Arbonne consultant.

    The welcome kit serves as a valuable tool for learning about Arbonne’s products and showcasing them to potential customers. It allows you to experience the quality, effectiveness, and versatility of our offerings firsthand, giving you the confidence to share your experiences with others.

    Preferred Client Upgrade

    As a consultant, you have the option to upgrade to become a Preferred Client for an additional $20. This upgrade brings several benefits, including:

    • Discounted pricing on Arbonne products
    • Access to special value packs and promotions
    • Potential savings on your personal purchases

    Becoming a Preferred Client not only allows you to enjoy these benefits for yourself but also makes it easier to share the Arbonne experience with others by offering them discounted prices and exclusive offers.

    It’s important to note that both the registration fee and the welcome kit cost are renewable annually. However, the Preferred Client upgrade is optional and can be renewed at your discretion.

    When evaluating the potential return on investment in the Arbonne business opportunity, it’s essential to consider these costs alongside the income potential and benefits of being an Arbonne consultant.

    Payment Process and Options

    At Arbonne, we understand the importance of convenient and flexible payment options for our consultants. That’s why we offer Arbonne Pure Pay, a user-friendly payment platform that ensures timely disbursement of your hard-earned income. With Pure Pay, you can easily manage and access your payments through various methods.

    Client or preferred client commissions are paid out weekly, allowing you to quickly receive the earnings from your sales efforts. Overrides and bonuses, on the other hand, are disbursed on a monthly basis, providing you with a consistent flow of income.

    As part of the Pure Pay system, you will receive a Visa card branded with the Arbonne name. This card offers you the flexibility to use your earnings for shopping or transfer the funds to your bank account or PayPal. We want to make sure that you can access and utilize your income in a way that suits your financial preferences.

    Should you prefer traditional payment methods, you have the option to receive paper checks or have the funds sent to a prepaid debit card, giving you even more flexibility in managing your income.

    While the Pure Pay system offers ease and convenience, it’s important to note that certain payment options may have associated fees. We recommend reviewing the terms and conditions to fully understand the potential charges.

    Payment Process and Options at a Glance:

    • Client or preferred client commissions paid weekly
    • Overrides and bonuses paid monthly
    • Visa card branded with the Arbonne name
    • Option to transfer funds to a bank account or PayPal
    • Paper check or prepaid debit card payment alternatives
    • Flexibility in managing and accessing income

    With Arbonne Pure Pay, we strive to provide you with seamless payment options that suit your needs. Stay in control of your income and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

    Challenges to Success

    While selling Arbonne can offer income potential and business growth opportunities, there are challenges to consider. The skincare market is filled with competitors, making it necessary for consultants to find effective strategies for success. The high failure rate in the MLM industry is also a factor to be aware of. Consultants must meet qualifying volume requirements to earn promotions and maintain their title, which can be challenging. Additionally, there is a level of bureaucracy within Arbonne’s business structure that consultants must navigate to achieve advanced rewards and bonuses.


    Selling Arbonne presents an exciting opportunity for individuals in the health and beauty industry who are looking for a flexible and potentially lucrative business venture. As Arbonne consultants, you have the chance to earn income from various sources, including direct commissions, overrides from team sales, and bonuses based on team performance. The company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and cruelty-free products also resonates with customers who prioritize sustainability and ethical beauty.

    However, it’s important to be aware of the challenges that come with selling Arbonne. The process of recruiting and building a team can be demanding, requiring dedicated effort and perseverance. Additionally, the limited online marketing options and high product costs may pose obstacles that need to be navigated creatively. To succeed in selling Arbonne, strategic sales strategies, such as leveraging personal networks and building strong customer relationships, are key.

    Despite these challenges, selling Arbonne can be a rewarding entrepreneurial venture for those who are willing to put in the necessary effort and navigate the MLM business model. By employing effective sales techniques, establishing a strong online presence within the company’s guidelines, and providing excellent customer service, consultants can harness the full potential of the Arbonne opportunity. Ultimately, the success of selling Arbonne lies in the hands of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the health and beauty industry and committed to achieving their goals.


    What are the pros and cons of selling Arbonne?

    Selling Arbonne offers potential income growth and sales strategies. However, there are challenges such as limited online marketing options and the high cost of products.

    What are the four ways to earn income with Arbonne?

    The four ways to earn income with Arbonne are through direct commissions, overrides from team sales, bonuses based on team performance, and bonuses at every level of management.

    How can I automate my income with Arbonne?

    Arbonne offers Pure Pay, a convenient payment platform that allows you to receive weekly payments for client or preferred client commissions, with various options for accessing your funds.

    What is the commission-based compensation offered by Arbonne?

    Arbonne offers a 35% profit on personal retail sales and an additional 15% commission on purchases made by Preferred Clients, providing consultants with the potential to earn significant income.

    What is the two-month building period for each promotion?

    When you achieve a promotion within Arbonne, you have a two-month building period where you are not subject to maintenance deductions, allowing you to focus on growing your business without penalties.

    How does selling Arbonne offer flexibility and work-life balance?

    Selling Arbonne allows you to work your own hours, prioritize personal commitments, and create a business that aligns with your preferred lifestyle.

    Do I need to carry inventory as an Arbonne consultant?

    No, Arbonne consultants act as direct sales representatives, taking orders from customers and having the products shipped directly to them. There is no requirement to carry inventory.

    How much is the initial investment to start selling Arbonne?

    The registration fee to become an independent consultant is CAD for the first year, with a CAD renewal fee for subsequent years.

    Does Arbonne guarantee the quality of its products?

    Yes, Arbonne offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers to receive a refund for their purchase within 45 days, even if they have opened and used the product.

    Can I create my own online presence to promote Arbonne products?

    No, consultants are restricted from developing their own websites or promoting products on sites other than the one provided by Arbonne. There is an option to purchase a MyArbonne website for basic online marketing.

    Are there any costs involved in getting started with Arbonne?

    Yes, there is a registration fee that includes a welcome kit with product samples and training materials. There is also an optional upgrade to become a Preferred Client.

    What payment options are available for Arbonne consultants?

    Arbonne uses Pure Pay as its payment platform, providing consultants with options such as receiving funds via a Visa card, transferring funds to a bank account or PayPal, or receiving paper checks or prepaid debit cards.

    What are the challenges to success in selling Arbonne?

    Some challenges include competition in the skincare market, the high failure rate in the MLM industry, meeting qualifying volume requirements, and navigating the bureaucracy within Arbonne’s business structure.

    Is selling Arbonne a good entrepreneurial venture?

    Selling Arbonne can provide a flexible and potentially lucrative business opportunity for those interested in the health and beauty industry. However, it requires effort and strategic sales strategies.

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