Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing: Easy DIY for Island Exploration

Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing

Ever feel that curious ache? That itch to see what’s over the horizon? In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we all know this feeling. It’s always there, making us eager to build our island dreams. But often, we can’t quite reach those dreams.

Imagine finding a cliff covered in green, just waiting to be explored. You feel thrilled at the possibility. But then you notice you can’t climb up. A simple thing, the ladder, is all that stands between you and unseen island wonders.

For many of us in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, having a ladder is key. It’s more than just a tool. It stands for never giving up and always wanting to find new things. It kindles the spirit of adventure in us.

In this guide, I will show you how to get a ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Ready your tools. Let’s start an amazing journey. Together, we’ll scale new heights on our islands!

Key Takeaways:

  • Exploring your island fully in Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires the use of a ladder.
  • We’ll provide you with the easy DIY steps to obtain and use a ladder in the game.
  • The ladder represents our unyielding curiosity and the desire to uncover the hidden wonders of our islands.
  • By following this guide, you’ll have the ladder in your hands and be ready to embark on new adventures.
  • So, let’s dive into the world of Animal Crossing and discover what lies beyond!

Inviting Villagers to Your Island

To get the ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you need to invite new villagers. This not only brings new friends to your island but also helps you unlock the ladder. The ladder lets you visit higher parts of your island.

Start by using a Nook Miles Ticket to visit a new island. Talk to the villagers you meet. You’ll find each island has its own set of unique characters. Pick the ones that match your island’s feel. Have friendly talks to get to know them.

When you find a villager you like, ask them to join your island. Talk to them a lot. Show them you really want them to come. Be nice and excited about the idea of them living with you.

“I’m really loving the vibe of this island, and I think you would be a perfect fit. Would you consider joining us and becoming part of our community?”

Inviting villagers adds fun and life to your island. It also helps you get closer to unlocking the ladder. So, meet new villagers, make friends, and explore more of your island.

Building a Bridge for Your Island

You’ve invited a new villager to your island. Now, Tom Nook wants you to build a bridge. Bridges help your island grow by letting you get to more places. Follow my steps to build it right.

Gather the Materials

To start, get these materials for the bridge:

  • Log Stakes: 4 pieces
  • Clay: 4 pieces
  • Stone: 4 pieces

Craft the Wooden Bridge Kit

After getting all the materials, find a crafting bench. There, make the Wooden Bridge Kit. This step is the base of your new bridge. Enjoy the crafting process!

Materials Quantity
Log Stakes 4
Clay 4
Stone 4

Looking at the image, you might know where your bridge should go. Pick a spot that looks good and helps people get around. This part is key to connecting your island well.

With a spot in mind, find the Wooden Bridge Kit in your stuff. Place it where you want the bridge to be. Your plan is in motion!

Staking Out Plots for New Residents

After you build the bridge, it’s time to get plots ready for new residents. It’s an exciting step in making your island community grow. I’ll show you how to mark out these plots.

Placing the Housing Plots

First, pick good spots for the homes. Think about how the homes will look and how they’ll add to your island. Then, go ahead and place the plots.

Here’s some help to get it done:

  1. Open your inventory and choose the housing plot kits Tom Nook gives you.
  2. Go into placement mode by hitting the X button.
  3. Move around your island to pick the right spot, watching out for any problems.
  4. Hit the A button to put the plot where you want it.

Do this for each plot until every new resident has a spot. It’s important to take your time and make sure everything looks good together.

Customizing the Housing Plots

Now, it’s time to make each plot unique. You can do things to make the homes fit the new residents well. This makes your island more welcoming.

Here’s some ways to customize:

  • Click A on a plot sign to start customizing.
  • Choose “customize” to begin setting up the home.
  • Add your own touches outside. Try adding fences, flowers, or furniture.
  • Play around with different looks for each home. This makes for a cool neighborhood.

Be creative and enjoy seeing your ideas come to life!

“Making the island a place where folks can live and freely express themselves is key!” – Tom Nook

While setting up, Tom Nook will ask for things made from cliff materials. He wants to make the homes special for the new residents. This is where the ladder comes in, for you to explore more of your island and collect what you need.

Now with the plots ready, you can’t wait for your new island friends to arrive. It’s a thrilling time as you grow your island paradise for all to enjoy!

Crafting the Ladder

You’ve got the ladder recipe. Now it’s time to craft! To make a ladder, you’ll need some specific things.

  1. Wood: Get four bits of wood by whacking trees with an axe. It’s the go-to for lots of crafting, like your ladder.
  2. Hardwood: Hit trees with your axe to get hardwood. It’s darker and perfect for tough projects.
  3. Softwood: You need softwood too. Hit trees for this lighter material. It’s great for less strong stuff.

With materials ready, find a workbench on your island. Use it and pick the ladder recipe.

Tip: If the ladder recipe is still a puzzle, finish island tasks. Tom Nook and others will help you get it. Then, you can start crafting.

Now, choose the ladder recipe at the workbench. The game will take materials from your bag. If you have everything, your ladder will be ready in no time!

Your ladder’s ready! It’s the key to scaling cliffs and reaching new parts of your island. Open your inventory, choose the ladder, go near a cliff, and press A to climb.

Animal Crossing ladder crafting

Tip: Put your ladder in key spots around the island. This way, exploring will be a breeze and more fun.

You’re all set with a ladder. Now you can keep exploring and finding secret gems on your island. Enjoy the adventure and stay open to new, exciting journeys!

Using the Ladder

To fully explore your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, knowing how to use the ladder is key. This lets you reach higher places and discover new spots. Here’s an easy guide to use your ladder well:

  1. First, make sure you have the ladder in your inventory. If not, learn how to craft it in the next section.
  2. Go to a cliff that you want to climb.
  3. Press the A button to put the ladder against the cliff.
  4. Your character will climb up easily, opening up new parts of the island.

Think about where you put your ladder for easy island movements. Here are some tips on where to place your ladder:

  • Put the ladder close to places you often go or need to reach quickly.
  • Add a ladder near bridges or ramps to cut travel time.
  • Tinker with ladder spots to figure out the best way to get around.

Placing your ladder right helps your island be easier to get around. Smart ladder spots save you time and help you see everything your island offers.

“The ladder is an essential tool for those seeking to uncover all the secrets of their island. By carefully considering ladder placement, players can create a more streamlined and efficient experience as they traverse their island’s varying terrains.” –

Use our ladder tips to explore every part of your island. Find great views and surprises by mastering ladder placement. Have fun climbing!

Unlocking the Ladder Set-Up Kit Recipe

Want to upgrade your island on the next level? You can unlock the Ladder Set-Up Kit recipe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With this, you can attach a ladder anywhere on your island. This means easier access to all levels without lots of ladders. I’ll show you how to get this recipe and make island exploration a lot better.

The Recipe and Its Benefits

The Ladder Set-Up Kit recipe costs 2,000 Bells at Nook’s Cranny. Once you buy the recipe, you can make the kit. You’ll need wood, iron nuggets, and customization items. This kit lets you add a ladder to cliffs. It makes island discovery fun and easy for all.

The Ladder Set-Up Kit makes ladder placement easy and fun. With a ladder always ready, you can beautify your pathways and gardens. This gives both you and visitors a beautiful and smooth island experience.

The Ladder Set-Up Kit lets you create your unique paths. It connects parts of your island and makes great views. You can be as creative as you want, designing an eye-catching island.

Unlocking the Recipe

To get the Ladder Set-Up Kit recipe, play the game and meet goals. As you grow your island and check off tasks from Tom Nook, you’ll earn the recipe at Nook’s Cranny.

  1. Upgrade your Resident Services building.
  2. Keep welcoming new villagers to your island until you reach a certain number.
  3. Join events and game activities to improve your island.

After fulfilling these, watch Nook’s Cranny for the recipe. When it’s there, buy it quickly. This lets you start making your island’s ladders unique.

The Ladder Set-Up Kit is a big deal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It helps your island be better and more fun to explore.

Advantages of the Ladder Set-Up Kit Disadvantages of the Ladder Set-Up Kit
Unlimited ladder placement anywhere on your island. Requires crafting materials to create the Ladder Set-Up Kit.
Enhances island aesthetics and allows for creative design. Must be purchased with Bells, requiring money management.
Convenient for island exploration and easy access to different levels. May alter the natural layout of your island, requiring careful planning.

Time Traveling for Quicker Progress

If you want to unlock the ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons faster, think about time traveling. This means you adjust the time on your Nintendo Switch to move ahead in the game. Remember, this is a choice and not needed to get the ladder.

Time traveling makes some players happy because it speeds up the game. They can see all the cool stuff the game has. But, some people like the game’s real-time feel. They enjoy being patient and seeing things change slowly.

If you do time travel, know it might have bad effects. Your island might get messy with weeds. Villagers could get mad. And if you go too far ahead, you might miss fun events or seasons.

Think about these points before time traveling:

  • Balance: Think about enjoying the game and doing things fast.
  • Impacts: Know that some parts of the game might change.
  • Enjoyment: Decide if time traveling makes the game more fun for you.

The decision to time travel is yours. Animal Crossing is all about going at your own speed. You can get the ladder by being patient or by time traveling. Either way, enjoy the game the way you like.


Getting a ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is key for full island exploration. Use this DIY guide to make your ladder. Soon, you’ll find new places and plenty of fun. The ladder lets you climb cliffs, look for hidden treasures, and meet new friends in high spots.

The ladder is a tool that opens up your island for exploration. You can now explore forests and beaches never seen before. Look at the amazing views as you go. Be creative with where you put your ladder. This way, you can easily go anywhere and enjoy your island more.

So, get your tools and the materials you need. Start your journey to make your ladder today. Using this guide, you’ll be a cliff-scaling expert in no time. Enjoy finding all the island’s secrets. Happy Exploring!


How do I unlock the ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

To unlock the ladder, start by inviting a new villager to your island. Use a Nook Miles Ticket to go to a new island. Talk to the villager there and invite them to join your island life.

How do I build a bridge on my island?

After you invite a villager, Tom Nook will want you to build a bridge. Collect materials like log stakes, clay, and stone. Then, craft a wooden bridge kit. Choose a good place for the bridge and set it up with the kit.

How do I place housing plots for new residents?

With the bridge ready, Tom Nook will ask you to prepare housing plots. Place these plots around your island. You can also decorate them as you like.

How do I craft the ladder?

If you have the ladder recipe, use a workbench to craft it. You’ll need four types of wood: wood, hardwood, and softwood.

How do I use the ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Equipping the ladder lets you climb cliffs. Simply choose it from your inventory. Then, stand next to a cliff and use the A button to climb up.

Can I place a permanent ladder on my island?

Yes, getting the Ladder Set-Up Kit recipe means you can. It lets you put up a permanent ladder anywhere. You can buy this recipe for 2,000 Bells at Nook’s Cranny.

Can I time travel to unlock the ladder faster?

Yes, you can speed things up by time traveling. But remember, it’s optional. It’s not the only way to unlock the ladder.

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