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How to create a trainer GUI with Game trainer studio

by pageshack

Before you begin the game trainer studio, first you must learn how to use T-Search (Read and learn). After you learn about the T-Search let’s create a trainer with GUI.

Then let’s begin the work with T-Search.

  • At the end of the T-Search tutorial you added the memory address and frozen that address. Again click on that smiley face and
    remove the frozen state.
  • Then click Autohack on the top menu and select Enable Debugger
  • Go to the address you added in the table. Right click it and select Autohack.
  • Again go to Autohack Menu and select Autohack window. Keep that window open and go to the game again. Decrease your character’s health a little.
  • Then after you return to the Autohack window, you will see something appeared in the list on that window. Click and select that. Go to the Tmk menu at the top and select Button Script.


  • Copy the Patched script in that window.


  • Now install and run the Game Trainer Studio.
  • Go to New Project, name the project and click Create new project
  • Now you will get a blank form Like in Visual Basic with a tool box. Create a new button from the tool box and get button’s properties.


  • Name the button as you like. (eg: Freeze)
  • At the function tab Select the function Poke and a text editor will appear.


  • In that editor, Paste the Patched script copied from the Autohack Tmk button script.
  • Go to Freeze tab and select the option Enable Freeze and name the freeze caption as you like (eg: Unfreeze)


  • After that click Apply button.
  • Then go to Compile at the top menu and select Build Trainer.

Your built application is located at %GTS installation directory% Game Trainer StudioOutput

Now you can run that application, Hit the button you created and freeze the Game Health at any time. Click the button again to unfreeze.

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