How to create a game Trainer

                           Computer gaming is the most fun activity with computers. When gaming everyone face problems that want trainers. Now you can make your own trainer for your game. All you want is T-Search.

If you want to create a trainer application with GUI you need to have and learn Game Trainer Studio.

I will teach you how to create a temp trainer with T-Search. Lets think you want to freeze the health of the character in game.

  • First download T-Search from here.

  • Extract the application and Run the Game you want to hack.

  • Play the game a little while and decrease the health a little much (eg:- 85)

  • Then pause the game and minimize the game.

  • Now run T-Search, click Open Proccess and select your game process exe


  • After loading the process click the little Magnify button below the open process button and search for the health value (85)


  • You will get a lot of search results. But don’t worry. Again go to the game and decrease your health a little (eg: 80). The health is decreased by 5.

  • Then again minimize the game and click the Search Next button placed next to the Magnify button. Change the search parameter to Decreased by. Then enter the value to 5. Sometimes again you will get a lot of results. If that happens continue above step until u get a little amount of results.


  • Then when u decrease the health one of the results must be also decreasing as the same in the game. Double click that value. It will added to the table.

  • Now look at the added item. You will see a little box in the column Description. Click on that box and you will see a smiley face appears on the box. It means Freezed.


  • Now go to the game and try to decrease your health. But it will not decrease. It’s freezed by T-Search.

This will not work for every game. But it works for at least 90% of PC games.

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