Buying and Selling at eBay

                 ebay connects buyers and sellers since 1995. Currently eBay is known as the best online shopping website. Here you can buy items of huge varieties through Buy it now or through auctions by Bidding as a buyer. These auctions made the eBay differ from the other online shopping websites. Buying items through auctions is a kind of fun. As huge number of people use this website, it’s really hard to win an auction by bidding because lots of buyers are watching for the same item. That is because eBay is a worldwide service.

The paying is mostly done through Paypal service. The paypal service also done by eBay. You can create a Paypal account and connect it with eBay profile.

                    The interesting part about buying is the Guarantee they give to the item that sells through the eBay. It calls as ‘eBay buyer protection’. If there is any doubt with your item that you buy from eBay, they will refund you the exact amount of money that you paid for the item and shipping. That’s why the buying with eBay is so trustful than others. That refunds also will receive to your paypal account.

                    When selling with eBay, it’s a lot complicated. If you have a little need of money, you can publish a simple ad at eBay by choosing Sell an item at menu. This simple ads will not charge for you to publish the ad. But if that item is sold, you will have to pay 9% of the item’s total cost to the eBay. You can add only one picture to this free ads. If you add more pictures to that item they will charge for each picture separately. You will have 50 of those free listings per month. For Business users they can create complex profiles like a Store or a Group of members. It also can make you pay for the Service.

                     So doing business at eBay is so easy and it’s really cool. If you want to buy something I only suggest you the eBay because it is that much successful. Go and be a great seller or a great buyer at eBay. Service is totally free.

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